Leever Blades Wallet & Rewards

We now offer a Wallet and rewards program!

With your Leever Blades Wallet, you will receive 3% cash back on all purchases. Also, any returns can be refunded to your Wallet for a faster payout option. If you are looking at an item that is just out or your price range, add money to your wallet over time. You can add money from a credit card, Pay Pal or Amazon Pay. THERE IS NO CHARGE TO FILL OR USE YOUR WALLET!

Along with cash back on all purchases, your Wallet also gives you rewards for common actions. You will gain rewards for: becoming a new user, leaving a review on a purchased product as we as for referrals. From your account page you can generate your own Referral Link. Use your link on social media and every time it is used you will receive rewards.

We look forward to seeing you soon, please check out our newest products.



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